i want to dye my hair like this but i’m afraid it will all fall off

carnivorousvoids asked:
Just curious; what camera/photo effects did you use for the picture of you in the ombre denim jacket?

Urm, i’m not 100% sure because its an old photo but i’m pretty sure i just layered a light leak image (google light leaks for photoshop) on top of the picture on photoshop, hope that makes some sense? Ha :)



The result of a very long valentines day.. We love each other, and pizza.

I’m going to sound like a total bitch, but whenever I see couples, friends, or family members get matching tattoos, I hope they break up and/or stop talking. Idk, maybe that’s just the bitter 20-something year old talking.

Woah, I’ve had some serious hate for this but this is just rude. Hoping we break up? Why be so mean.If that is to happen I only have a bloody pizza on my ankle it’s not like I have his name tattooed on my forehead.